About John Kayrouz

My paintings and research explore the relationship between compassion, the emotional dreamscape, and identity. Using canvas and paint, I create a space to process past experiences, emotions, and thought patterns. I use abstraction, erotica, and portraiture to translate information stored within my body. This structure allows the work to contain a depth of symbolism referring to dreams, myth, and the projected image of the self.

Within the process of looking and observing, we can gain clarity into ourselves. We are primarily controlled by our subconscious narratives, which makes us master shadow storytellers. Unfortunately, we can create a monomyth within that compels us to satisfy a craving to be happy, not a need to accept our humanity.

This work is a form of blood and bone storytelling. I believe they allow us to accept our own body, our ambiguity, and delicious creativity. I think we are all naked no matter how many layers we wear.

Please contact me for any inquiries about private commissions or sales of original work at johnkayrouz@gmail.com

phone: (919)-797-6146