About John Kayrouz

It is easier to get lost in the story of another than it is to look into the mirror. My family moved around throughout childhood, and storytelling was a way for me to adapt. Elaborate fantasies would take center stage in my mind whenever I felt out of place.

These works tell stories about the environment and people close to me, yet, buried beneath the paint, they hold space for a dormant self narrative. The triptychs created in the last two years were inspired by the magic realism of photographer David Hilliard. What A Tool and Garden of Confusion refract Hilliard’s multi panel commentary on masculinity, with the linear breaks in these pieces representing the intersectionality of gender. Both direct experience and imagination make up our desire to define reality. 

My characters live in a chaotic prism of repeating images and heightened color, expressing the conflicting sides of their psyche. Much like the environments drawn by artist Hope Gangloff, works like Domestic Fragment use vibrant hues on a bland apartment room to hint that something subversive lurks underneath the quiet setting.

How much do we experience the world through our own filter of emotions, and are we aware of these effects? I challenge the viewer to question what they find truthful in my work to cultivate an awareness of their prejudices, triggers of discomfort, and the architecture of self. This introspection with the sensual world develops an emotional authenticity: seeing and feeling things for what they are and having empathy for another. 

Please contact me for any inquiries about private commissions or sales of original work at johnkayrouz@gmail.com

phone: (919)-797-6146